Chris Tolbertís first memories are of looking through art history books as a child. The sense of wonder inspired by these resources at such an early age took root and has continued to flourish. The artworks in the history books were able to impress upon him their rich lessons, even when the true meaning of the work could have been lost to time and definitely lost on a small child. Chris still uses that same idea in his own artworks. Each of his works conveys a multitude of meanings and dialogue easily appreciated by the viewer and whose enjoyment only deepens as the artworks unfold before you.

Chrisí art is a beautiful progression from artwork to artwork. Ideas, thoughts and designs from one sculpture are the stepping off point to the next sculpture. Each work is a snapshot of that evolution. While each piece stands by itself, it is truly appreciated by seeing the works that preceded it as well as follow it.

The conceptual factors that are addressed in Chrisí artworks convey notions of light, sound, fluidity and motion. The materials used and their juxtaposition with each other address the complexity of his work. The proximity of hot blown glass, cold glass manipulation, and molten bronze or malleable wood is explored extensively in every artwork.

This mixed media approach of incorporating each one according to its strengths allows the development of Chrisí work to continue. The blend of materials by their intrinsic qualities provides contrast, form and beauty to be explored extensively in each piece of artwork. The negative space provides additional notions of fragility and the tenuous threads of life.

Glass in particular is used in both his earlier work to the present day pieces. He often uses the intrinsic qualities of glass to add light to his sculptures. The light draws the viewer into the sculptures while the association of sharp edges demand respect. As with many dangerous examples in nature, the beauty draws you in while the defenses repel you.

The bronze, which Chris puts into his works, is strongly influenced by the many years of glassblowing Chris has accomplished. The same fluid quality in the glassblowing process is captured in his bronze works created from 1989 to 1997.

Wood has become an important material in Chrisí artwork due to its nature of being a living artifact. Once alive, now dead, woods characteristics of color, durability, hardness and malleability live on.

Chris recently went through a major illness and fortunately, recovered do to the generosity of an organ donor. Since this experience, he has moved to upstate New York where he continues to create his artwork. This experience has influenced Chrisí works in a way that has taken his works into a new direction.